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Lwandle Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 BB-BEE company founded in 2003 that employs experts in the fields of physical oceanography, marine ecology, marine biology and biogeochemistry. Lwandle’s capabilities are multifaceted and tailored to suit client’s needs. Services include physical oceanographic measurements, assessment of water and sediment quality, marine ecology & biology surveys and measurement, marine environment monitoring, the provision of specialist studies in these disciplines and environmental impact studies (EIAs).

Lwandle Technologies also coordinates the rental, sale and maintenance of oceanographic equipment. Lwandle’s well trained technical personnel stand poised to assist clients with all aspects of these types of equipment and their various applications.

About Lwandle marine Environment Services

Meet Our Team

Our staff are key to our success with all project managers qualified to at least MSc level. All staff are appropriately trained and experienced in managing the risks associated with working in challenging marine environments.


Craig Matthysen: craig@lwandle.co.za
Dr Robin Carter: robin@lwandle.co.za

Craig Matthysen - Lwandle

Craig Matthysen


B.Sc., M.Sc. (Physical Oceanography, UCT, 1997)

Craig has been the managing director of Lwandle since inception in 2002. Before this, he worked as an operational oceanographer for Racal Survey / Thales Geosolutions for five years (1998-2002). His travels have taken him to India, Antarctica and Kazakhstan, where he worked as a base manager for a year.

Craig is curious about the ocean and finding more innovative ways to map oceanographic data to assist various industries with more responsible and cost-efficient development around Africa’s shoreline.

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Robin Carter - Lwandle

Dr. Robin Carter

Director & Principal Scientist

Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., PhD (UCT)
Pr.Sci.Nat (#400245/060)

In 2005 Robin joined Lwandle, a BEE company focused on providing specialist scientific advice and measurement capabilities to commercial and state entities involved in marine and coastal development and enterprises. Here he leads and has led work for oil and gas companies, Maersk Oil, Sonangol, Petrobras, Forest Oil, Eni, Shell, BP, PetroSA and Anadarko, Port and harbour agencies; and consulting engineering groups including Aurecon, SRK, PRDW and ERM. Significant components of this included assessing and measuring the environmental effects of harbour development for bulk cargo handling (iron ore in Saldanha Bay, manganese in Coega and coal in Nacala and at the Zambezi River mouth in Mozambique), container berth developments and the associated environmental implications of dredging, and specialist studies on the effects of oil/gas exploration and extraction on the marine environment. Marine discharges are another important element of the business portfolio managed by Robin through work ranging from effluent tracking and site-specific evaluations of discharges to participating in provincial and national policy development.

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Senior Marine Consultants

Lisa Holton: lisa@lwandle.co.za
Erich Koch: erich@lwandle.co.za

Lisa Holton - Lwandle

Lisa Holton

Senior Marine Consultant

B.Sc. (Hons) (Oceanography, National Oceanography Center, UK, 2012), M.Sc. (Physical Oceanography, UCT, 2014)
Cd.Sci.Nat (#100091/5)

Lisa has a MSc in ocean and climate dynamics from the University of Cape Town and has been working at Lwandle for four years. Since January 2018 she has been heading up the Lwandle science team. Her work has included intertidal and nearshore baselines, ports and harbour monitoring, dredge sediment surveys, outfall and plume monitoring and seafloor characterisation studies. Lisa specialises in physical oceanography, data analysis and presentation and is a big fan of Lwandle’s in house drop camera system as a cost effective and efficient tool for seafloor visualisation. Lisa has a passion for exploring both the known and undiscovered. Her work and studies have allowed her to travel and she enjoys the challenge of adapting both her knowledge and approaches to new environments.

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Marine Consultants

Alice McGrath: alice@lwandle.co.za
Diandra Kuyler: di@lwandle.co.za
Mathabo Malange: mathabo@lwandle.co.za
Mark Weston: mark@lwandle.co.za

Alice Mcgrath - Lwandle

Alice McGrath

Marine Consultant

Alice interned at Lwandle during her undergraduate studies. Having enjoyed the taste of this multi-disciplined industry, she rejoined the Lwandle team in 2017 after completing her Masters. Her dissertation, which focused on the transport of sardine eggs and larvae around South Africa, was co-badged with a university in France and she spent 5 months working on her dissertation at an institute there. At Lwandle, Alice is excited to develop her skills as a marine scientist, both in the technical and scientific writing aspects of her work. She is especially looking forward to the field work!

Alice is passionate about preserving the environment and therefore feels strongly about the purpose of Lwandle in managing development in both a socially and ecologically sustainable manner.

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Diandra Kuyler - Lwandle

Diandra Kuyler

Marine Consultant

ND (Oceanography, CPUT, 2015)

Diandra has a National Diploma in Oceanography from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and has been working at Lwandle for three years. Her most significant contributions to Lwandle include work on environmental impact assessments, habitat type assessments and pollution monitoring. She particularly enjoys Lwandle’s capability to map marine seafloor habitats and assess the extent of anthropogenic impacts by pairing geographic information systems (GIS) software with Side-scan Sonar imagery and ROV footage. Diandra specialises in marine conservation ecology and is passionate about marine ecosystem research and the role of organisms in driving important ecosystem services.

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Mathabo Malange

Marine Consultant

BSc. (Hons) (Ocean and Atmosphere Science, UCT, 2016); MSc. (Applied Ocean Sciences, UCT, current)

Mathabo has a BSc. Honours in Ocean and Atmosphere Science and is working towards completing her MSc. in Applied Ocean Sciences at the University of Cape Town. She interned at Lwandle during her honours year whilst working on her thesis which looked at a proposed port development south of Durban. Working at Lwandle peaked her interest in the operational side of oceanography. She then decided to do her MSc. in Applied Ocean Sciences (operational oceanography stream) where she has been able to acquire skills to carry out research and to use the products of research.

Mathabo is excited to be part of a company that specialises in multi-disciplinary work. She aims to further develop her skills in both the scientific and technical applications of marine science including report writing, data processing and analysis, and field work operations. Her interests lie in physical and coastal oceanography as well as sustainable development.

Mark Weston - Lwandle

Mark Weston

Marine Consultant

B.Sc. (Hons) (Rhodes University, 2015), M.Sc. (Marine Biology, UCT, 2017)

Mark has an MSc in marine biology and has a keen interest in the trophic dynamics of ecosystems and ichthyology. He originally joined the Lwandle team as an Assistant Marine Scientist and has recently taken up the role of Marine Consultant and will be assisting in both the scientific and technical departments of the company. He hopes to gain valuable experience and further his skill set with the collection and processing of data as well as with report writing. Mark has a deep passion for the marine environment and whilst taking part in multiple research cruises spanning the South Atlantic and Antarctic, he has recently found a profound fascination with the physical dynamics of the ocean.

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Marine Technicians

Sergio Petersen: sergio@lwandle.co.za
Tahlia Henry: tahlia@lwandle.co.za

Sergio Peterson - Lwandle

Sergio Petersen

Assistant Marine Technician

Sergio is currently completing his ND in Oceanography at CPUT after which he will be enrolling in electrical engineering. He started at Lwandle in 2013 where he developed his proficiency in oceanographic instrumentation software such as Ruskin and LoggerNet. Being a very hands-on person, Sergio enjoys providing technical assistance to the Lwandle team.

Sergio’s interests lie in the chemical and physical sub-disciplines of oceanography and how they are incorporated into the design of various oceanographic instrumentation. He aspires to become a head technician and a developer of concepts and designs for operational systems.

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Olivia Matthysen: olivia@lwandle.co.za
Layla Marlie: layla@lwandle.co.za
Mariette Julius: mariette@lwandle.co.za
Rachel Tonyela: rachel@lwandle.co.za

Olivia Matthysen - Lwandle

Olivia Matthysen

Business Manager

Olivia is employed in the Finance Department and her role includes the managing of the financial function of the business as well as oversight of the full administration function. She has gained a broad spectrum of knowledge through the various positions she has held in her career to date. These include roles in both the science field in the early part of her career and more latterly in the Auditing and Financial Accounting profession. She has been a Financial Manager in the private sector for the past three years.

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Mariette Julius - Lwandle

Mariette Julius

Finance Controller and HR

Qualifications: Matric and Certificate in ISO 9001: Internal Auditor Training QMS

Mariette is employed in the Human Resources department and controls all office administration of company documents and the Lwandle employees. She also ensures the smooth running of the office functions. Her extensive knowledge is gained from years of working closely with account executives, as a credit controller, and through customer liaison. She commenced her career with Barclays National Bank and worked with them for seven years after matriculating.

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Nontsikelelo Rachel Tonyela - Lwandle

Rachel Tonyela

Office Administration

Rachel started working at Lwandle and Metocean in 2009 and assists Mariette with various admin tasks and oversees general housekeeping in the Lwandle office. She previously worked at the Social Development Offices in Cape Town and performed various tasks requested of her. To broaden her knowledge in the administration field, she completed training at the Learning Foundation in office admin and computer literacy.

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Lwandle associates are highly experienced and qualified independent consultants that are contractually associated with Lwandle and provide support to Lwandle as experts in their fields of expertise.

Brian Godfrey - Lwandle

Brian Godfrey

Associate Lead Technician

Qualifications: B.Sc., M.Sc. (Fisheries Science, Rhodes, 2003)

Brian is an associate Marine Scientist and Technician. His background in the R&D field within the Academic and Commercial spheres both as a consultant and full-time employee ensures that he falls neatly into the Lwandle operations. Prior to him joining Lwandle he was with the Dept. of Ichthyology & Fisheries Science at Rhodes University where he headed their Technical Section. He also has a strong background in abalone fisheries and aquaculture having been involved with fledgling attempts to ocean ranch this sought after animal, while also playing an integral role in setting up one of South Africa’s first and largest abalone farms.

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Sue Lane -Lwandle

Sue Lane

Associate Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Qualifications: B.Sc., UED (Entomology, Zoology, Natal), M.Sc. (Environmental Studies, UCT, 1980), Certified Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAPSA)
Pr.Sci.Nat (#113902),
Sue holds a master’s degree in environmental science and the coursework component of a postgraduate diploma in marine law from UCT. She has over 30 years of practical experience in environmental planning and management, largely in the marine and coastal spheres, in southern Africa. She has worked with policy makers, regulators, scientists and in business, and is particularly interested in environmental governance. Sue brings this experience, her interest in finding practical solutions, and enthusiasm for ensuring accuracy, ethics and quality, to assist Lwandle in integrating marine specialist information into environmental assessments and management and monitoring programmes for their clients. Otherwise, Sue most enjoys exploring and photographing remote places and people.

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Laura Weston - Lwandle

Laura Weston

Associate Senior Marine Consultant

Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons) (Rhodes University, 2011), M.Sc. (Applied Marine Science, UCT, 2013), Ph.D (Fisheries Biology, UCT, current)

Pr.Sci.Nat (#116173)

Laura has an MSc in Applied Marine Science and is currently completing her PhD in fisheries biology at the University of Cape Town. She has been working at Lwandle for four years. Her work has included the project management, related field work and reporting of various intertidal, nearshore and offshore baselines, specialist environmental impact assessments, monitoring plans, sediment and water quality surveys, metocean measurement campaigns and seafloor characterisation studies. Laura specialises in marine ecology, data interpretation and report compilation, and really enjoys working with the research software, CPCe, as a quick and easy way to analyse and quantify benthic habitats. She is passionate about the marine environment and particularly enjoys multi-disciplinary research, which she feels is important in breaking the divide between science and industry.

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Simon Wijnberg -Lwandle

Simon Wijnberg

Associate Lead Technician

Qualifications: B.Sc. Oceanography, M.Sc. Project Management (UCT, 2001)

Simon is an associate lead field technician for Lwandle. He has over 27 years’ experience within the commercial oceanographic, environmental and diving industry. Simon has experience in Oceanographic and environmental data collection and field processing for marine construction and oil industries and has worked in South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan (Caspian Sea), Holland, UK (North Sea), Yemen and Namibia. Simon has developed a proficiency in the setup, deployment, servicing and recovery of an extensive range of oceanographic and environmental instruments.

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