Cost Effective Approach

If you need equipment on a short-term basis, require a cost-effective survey method, or would like to use the equipment first before investing, renting may be the solution. Lwandle has an extensive equipment catalogue stored at their offices in Cape Town and depending on availability, equipment can be ready for deployment within days.


Long-term Solutions

Lwandle is proud to be the sole agent in Southern Africa for many leading global manufacturers of oceanographic equipment. Lwandle strives to understand the customers work and challenges they face and recommend the right equipment for the task at hand. Lwandle can provide trained technicians to assist you with your equipment and survey if required.

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Seafloor Visualisation Equipment

Lwandle can supply a range of tools for the remote characterisation of the seafloor and associated structures. Key wall and vessel inspections are easily carried out with the new generation of portable and mobile ROVs.

Water and Sediment Quality

Lwandle can supply a selection of equipment capable of producing in-situ or profiling water quality measurements. For sediment sampling a range of grabs are available for both rental and sale.


From standalone meteorological measurements to full weather stations, Lwandle can supply the components and full systems to facilitate effective and robust weather data collection.

Waves, Currents & Tides

Smart and cost-effective wave monitoring devices are starting to infiltrate the market and challenging the traditional in-situ instruments. Depending on the budget and requirements of the client, Lwandle can supply a selection of wave and current measurement solutions.

Biological Sampling

From plankton nets to in situ measurements by optic sensors, Lwandle can provide the advice and equipment necessary to meet your survey requirements.

Buoys, Moorings and Communication

For long-term measurement campaigns, Lwandle can supply buoys, tracking, moorings and live data capabilities for a range of sensors and payloads.

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