What does the word Lwandle mean?

We named our company Lwandle, which is a Xhosa word meaning sea / ocean.

How old is Lwandle?

Lwandle was founded in 2004.

What are Lwandle’s values?

Rigour: We apply knowledge with absolute integrity.
Curiosity: We believe in finding the better way – we explore both the known and the undiscovered.
Respect: We respect nature and humanity – we understand that the legitimate needs of both must be fulfilled harmoniously.

What does Lwandle do?

We interpret data accurately and objectively to allow our clients to make the best decisions about their operations and their impact on the environment. Where required we also predict potential environmental effects of activities and advise on these.

Where do you work?

We mostly work in Southern Africa; particularly in South Africa, Mozambique, Angola and Namibia.

Do you perform diving work?

Dive work is kept to a minimum. We tend to use our equipment (ROVs) to service and recover our deployed equipment.

What type of equipment do you sell / lease?

Lwandle deals with a variety of oceanographic equipment. Parameters include physical oceanographic, water and sediment quality as well as telemetry instrumentation (fish and marine animal tagging).

What is an ADCP?

A hydro-acoustic current meter that measures water current velocities over a depth range by way of sound waves.

Benthos / benthos analysis

The analysis of bottom-dwelling oceanic forms of life also known as bottom fauna.

What is CTD?

A CTD is an oceanographic instrument that measures conductivity (salinity), temperature and pressure (depth).

What is an ROV?

ROV is an abbreviation for Remotely Operated Vehicle. This is an underwater unit that is connected to (and operated from) a ship with an umbilical cord. ROVs are typically fitted with underwater video cameras, lights and manoeuvrable ‘arms’.

What is the best way of tracking the position of equipment underwater?

An Ultra Short BaseLine (USBL) is the best way to track the position of underwater equipment. It uses a vessel mounted transceiver to detect the range and bearing to a target using acoustic signals.

Who are your main clients?

PetroSA, Anadarko Petroleum Company, ERM (Environmental Resources Management), PRDW Consulting and Port Engineers, Aurecon Group, Angola Resource Consultants and South African governmental institutions such as Transnet, NPA ports authority, SANDF, the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Department of Energy.

What is an EIA?

The abbreviation EIA stands for Environmental Impact Assessment: “Impact assessment, simply defined, is the process of identifying the future consequences of a current or proposed action.” –International Association for Impact Assessment.