How We Do It

CLS Southern Africa has the means to provide efficient data management solutions and processing of bulk data sets. CLS Southern Africa can also provide Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions to map and present spatial data. Our data processing and analysis techniques are reliable and quality-assured, and we have stringent quality control procedures in place to meet the requirements of projects.

Using Python as its programming language, CLS Southern Africa quality controls and processes large volumes of oceanographic and meteorological data. The procedures for data quality control have been established according to the IOC Manual of Quality Control Procedures for Validation of Oceanographic Data.

CLS Southern Africa can provide these data analysis services to clients who have pre-collected in-situ data from instrument field operations or require metocean characterisation from open-source or commercial data repositories. Depending on the client requirements, CLS Southern Africa can provide single plots to full data reports.

CLS Southern Africa routinely processes the following data sets:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Wave spectrum and parameters
  • Current profiles
  • Water level and tides
  • Physical and chemical parameters
  • Statistics and related plots
  • Satellite remote sensing

CLS Southern Africa has an extensive database of marine data which is displayed in the map below. Following approval, client owned data may be available for research and non-commercial use. Please contact us to request access.