Our Specialities

CLS Southern Africa provides various marine environmental services to clients engaged in coastal and offshore construction and development. We have experience providing such services for clients in the offshore mining industry (oil and gas and other minerals); ports and harbours and the aquaculture industry throughout Africa. A scientifically rigorous methodology is applied to all of our work.

Marine Environmental Authorisations

CLS Southern Africa is actively involved in providing environmental & advisory solutions to various clients in coastal & offshore construction & development.

Water Quality and Sediment Sampling

Monitoring of water quality & sediment parameters is required to evaluate potential environmental impacts of coastal & offshore developments & activities.

Marine Ecology Specialist Studies

CLS Southern Africa provides these services both as independent studies & as support studies that aid in our environmental authorization & permitting procedures.

Dredge Spoil & Disposal Site Characterisation

CLS Southern Africa has the expertise to carry out specialist studies for input into dredge disposal permit & site applications.

Discharge Permitting & Risk Assessment

CLS Southern Africa has experience in compiling Coastal Water Discharge Permit (CWDP) & General Authorisation (GA) applications.

Habitat Mapping & Benthic Composition

CLS Southern Africa can design & implement traditional & bespoke methods to study epifaunal & infaunal communities.

Who to Contact

Lisa Holton - Environmental Specialist at Lwandle

Lisa Holton

Lisa Holton oversees the scientific team, data analysis and resourcing of environmental projects. She is the first port of call for potential Lwandle clients and would love to discuss your project requirements or queries with you further.

Email: lholton@groupcls.com
Call: 021 705 0819